Chris Ramsey returns to Leeds (SEO)

Rising comedian Chris Ramsey performed his latest tour ‘The Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Morning Television’ at Leeds City Varieties Music Hall.

Chris Ramsey is a 'ball of energy' on stage
Chris Ramsey is a ‘ball of energy’ on stage

The tour was originally just set for a Spring run earlier this year but after great success Ramsey extended it, with tickets selling out at Leeds.

He came to Leeds on the 20th October 2014 where he was described by The Huddersfield Daily Examiner as a ‘ball of energy’, and had free flowing banter with the audience making him very much more cheeky and lovable rather than a ‘dangerous’ man.

In 2012 he was kicked off Sky One’s Soccer AM and banned for life after discussing a twitter argument he had live on air.

This gave him his inspiration for the topic base of his new show. He looks at what happens when you say the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ramsey himself enjoyed his time here as much as the crowd did, he tweeted;

 @IAmChrisRamsey Oct 20              

Wow Leeds. Wow…

Ramsey is best known for his stints on panel shows such as Celebrity Juice and playing alongside Vic Reeves in the BBC2 show Hebburn. He is described by GQ as being ‘frighteningly talented…tearing up every stage he lands on’.

The tour has been a success in pretty much every sense of the word and is seen by The Sunday Times as ‘ A mainstream hit, a cult favorite or almost anything in between’.


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