Celebrity reactions to Ferguson

America was immersed into chaos at the grand jury’s decision not to charge Darren Wilson the police officer who killed an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson Missouri.

This is the situation of how one shot managed to cause outrage throughout America and create chaos and protests throughout.

Michael Brown
Michael Brown


The police officer Wilson, first confronted the teenager at 12:01 and by the time other officers arrived at 12:04, Brown was dead.

According to the autopsy the teenager was shot six times, twice in the head and four times in his right arm.

There are opposing stories of what happened on that day, with his friend saying he had his hands up in the air surrendering whilst the authorities said he had attacked the officer in his car.

Dorian Johnson, Brown’s friend who was there when the shooting took place. He said that after a confrontation at the car window and the police officer fired his weapon. The two teenagers then ran down the street.

Dorian Johnson
Dorian Johnson

When running away Johnson said his friend was shot once from behind and he then turned with his hands in the air, the officer fired more shots before he fell to the ground.

As a result protests and unrest took place all over America because of Michael Brown’s death, causing national debate about law enforcement and race equality. The situation became even worse when the grand jury made the decision not to indict Darren Wilson.

Whilst many members of the public took to the streets in protest, celebrities also reacted some more passionately than others.

Celebrities flooded twitter with tweets of sympathy, shock, prayers and calls for peace.

Some were even active within their protests, for example Macklemore marched in his hometown of Seattle alongside many members of the public. He did not tell anyone he was going to be there, which suggests he was genuinely passionate about the situation rather than the need for publicity.

Other celebrities like Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and Will.I.Am expressed their concern through Twitter with a single tweet:

Pharrell Williams is calling for peace her, while he shows his outrage at the decision, he still tries to calm the situation.

One of the most active and non aggressive celebrity who gave a powerful message of disgust at the decision but gave a peaceful outlet at how to show your anger rather than causing more pain in aggressive protests, was Orlando Jones.

Orlando Jones, was inspired by the very popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that involved celebrities and ordinary people, it helped the campaign by receiving many donations. In order to bring attention to the violence that keeps occurring in America. Orlando Jones decided to have a new variation he calls the ‘Bullet Bucket Challenge’. He was said to be inspired by the death of Michael Brown, he felt he needed to take action in a public way.

Orlando Jones, the star of Sleepy Hollow, has probably been the most active in his protests and does not seem to have an ulterior motive other than trying to make America take notice of the issue in race equality.

He also made sure he did it in a peaceful way, and is suggesting a way for others to get their views across peacefully.



Some celebrities opted to post pictures online to illustrate their opinions on the verdict of the trial.

Rhianna posted this photo with the caption ‘facts’.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

While the celebrities wanted to show their opinions about the decision that was made however they expressed also how they believed action should be taken peacefully.

Cher was the most vocal in making sure she let everyone know her stance on the way actions should be taken. After her initial tweet goes on to show her point of view on violence and stating that whilst protests are acceptable, taking it too far is crime and the public should think about what their actions can do to the innocent members of the public.

Andy Cohen was especially concerned for his hometown, and wishing for people to have peaceful protests, reminding the public and those that are protesting in the streets of Missouri and all around the USA, of the main people who are grieving which are Michael Browns family.

Barack Obama even commented on the protests and how he thinks they should be handled peacefully, his motives for doing so are obvious as he wants his country to be peaceful and deal with things in a better way.




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